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 Comic Book Révolution User Information [UPDATED: May 31st, 2016], Rules, Standards, Resources, and Origin
Filthy Mutie
 Posted: Dec 2 2015, 09:45 PM

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I. Forum Rules
II. Posting Standards
III. Helpful Resources
IV. Origin of CBRév

I. RULES: The CBRév staff is not interested in playing police - we'd much rather spend our time talking about important topics like Sara Lance, mutants in the Marvel Universe, Zayn Mailk, and FIFA scandals (to name some). Comic book fans are a passionate, opinionated people. However, it's integral that CBRév maintains a climate that encourages ongoing, stimulating discussions about our favorite topics while also encouraging posters new and old to participate, and be themselves with consideration of others wanting to do the same.

Sound complicated? It's not! Check out our rather simple rules below and see for yourself.

Note: Rules are subject to change.

  • BE RESPECTFUL: Treat others with respect and do not insult other posters. Attacking, shaming, threatening violence, and posting content that is racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, sexist, ableist, and otherwise prejudiced in nature is strictly forbidden.

  • NO EXPLICIT CONTENT: Do not post content, or links to content, that is pornographic in nature. When in doubt, think of CBRév as a PG-13 site, and also consider censoring your own profanity. Swearing is permitted, but not in excess, and never in thread titles.

  • NO ILLEGAL CONTENT: Do not post content, links to content, or requests for content that is illegal. No spamming.

  • NO PLAGIARISM: Feel free to quote from other sites, articles, etc., and provide a link back to the original source; however, do not take words from another source (including posters) and claim them as your own. Likewise, do not take content created by other CBRév posters and use it elsewhere and/or as your own.

  • REGARDING "TROLLING": Critical thinking is encouraged and we’re of the mindset that there is no such thing as "reading too much" into a story. Subtext is everywhere; you’re free to interpret it or to ignore it. If you disagree with someone, you can either engage with that poster and make your arguments or ignore them. Criticizing characters is allowed as long as you can support your argument with scans.

  • REGARDING CREATORS: Criticism of the work of a creator is welcome, but insulting the creator personally is not. (See: Be Respectful) We understand sometimes creators can insult readers in very personal ways in interviews, social networking, etc., and a certain amount of leeway at the discretion of the forum staff (as always) may be granted for a limited time. Otherwise, CBRév is as safe and welcoming for creators as it is for any other user.

  • SITE GRAPHICS: Avatars should be 200x200 or smaller. Images are not allowed in signatures. Large images in posts are automatically sized down.

  • PROMOTION: Posting to publicize your own website, blog, art portfolio, etc. is forbidden outside of CBRév Community and General Discussion. Promoting other forums is always forbidden.

  • OFF-TOPIC POSTING: Posts that veer off-topic, as decided by the CBRév staff, will be deleted. Frequent off-topic posting behavior may result in disciplinary action by CBRév staff.

  • SUSPENSION EVASION: Registering a new username on the forum while suspended will result in either a longer suspension from the forum, and removal of the new username, or a permanent banning from the forum.

II. POSTING STANDARDS More coming soon!
  • CONSECUTIVE POSTING: If you have multiple posts to respond to, put all of those responses into a single post instead of posting consecutively to each. (We currently lack a multi-quote function, but work-arounds include looking at previous replies while in the reply screen as a reference while you write replies directed to the different posts or posters, and cut-and-copying your consecutive posts into your first post in the series - the latter is useful when quoting multiple posts.) Consecutive posts made within a given hour fall under this standard. Mods may delete consecutive posts at their discretion.

  • SPOILERS AND SPOILER TAGS: Movie spoilers need spoiler tags until two weeks after the movie's US release using the EST time zone in the US. New comic spoilers being discussed in a thread that is not about that specific issue need spoiler tags for the first day of it's release (usually Wednesday) using the EST time zone in the US; threads about a specific new comic does not require spoiler tags, but a spoiler warning must be in the title. Note that threads about a specific issue will be merged into threads about the title in general at the discretion of the mods. TV shows follow the same rules as comic books.


IV. THE ORIGIN OF CBRÉV: Some of you may already know a little bit about the staff members here, and what went into the creation of this forum. But, there is more to the beginning of our story than just an ill-conceived reboot.

Creating a New Forum, Leaving ComicBookResources

All of us moderators at Comic Book Révolution are former members of the ComicBookResources Forums, specifically the X-Boards. The initiative to create this website stems from developments in that community in the spring of 2014.

There is a certain kind of person who grows up following comics. In our conversations with one another over the years, we found an intelligence, wit and originality that was missing in conversations about other fictional properties. Growing up as a comic book fan can make you a bit eccentric. The moderators at ComicBookResources understood this at one point in time and gave posters enough latitude to create a fun, engaging culture that radically differed from that of other boards across the Internet. However, that suddenly changed and now those moderators and admins will use any excuse available to them to delete conversations and ban posters whom they disliked. This effectively created and fostered the same clique-like behavior and attitude that resulted in the exclusion of others that the posters were advised against creating. ComicBookResources ceased to be fun when a critical mass of the more eccentric and original posters had been excluded.

Maybe even worse than all that is ComicBookResources' new policy of deleting threads that are meant to discuss important issues surrounding the comic book industry. Civil conversations about the treatment of female writers in the industry were closed down. Simple exchanges between posters about the lack of diversity in the "Big Two" were deleted and warned against for the most unconvincing of reasons. Specific examples used multiple times: "This is too much of a hot topic to discuss right now", and "These comments are not appropriate for this thread. Take it to PM's or elsewhere".

Now, keeping in mind ComicBookRresources is a commercial enterprise. Its priorities must differ. It must keep a neutral appearance on all fronts and that now includes keeping "controversial" topics and discussions within the forums to a minimum.

Comic Book Révolution

Those of you who used to frequent the X-Boards on ComicBookResources know the peculiar atmosphere that reigned there, and it’s our hope that we can recreate the same energy here. We’re not interested in logging on to post, “I like Jim Lee’s design for Jean Grey’s costume,” or to get pre-release spoilers. We creatively, intellectually and politically engage with these works. They exercise our minds and imaginations. But, this forum isn’t just for former X-Posters - whoever wants to take part into constructive, intelligent and transgressive debate, or just complain about the people doing the above, are welcome here, regardless of the fandom they’re affiliated with.

Of course, we won’t tolerate harassment, hostility, cruelty, or viciousness, either. But, we won’t squelch conversation, debate or disagreement, simply because they threaten to make people uncomfortable.
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