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 The new mutant metaphor? Mutants are TERRORISTS
 Posted: Apr 18 2017, 02:18 PM

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QUOTE (Lycaon pictus @ Apr 4 2017, 07:38 PM)
I have so much to say about this and its real-world parallels, and how 'super hero' stories get told these days (particularly in movies where they've seen the most significant financial success in recent years) but it's unorganized and there's some kind of bug biting me right now.

Instead I'll just say two things: that common critique of the mutant metaphor not making sense because of course people should be afraid of people with powers, and the common X-fan critique about wanting the mutants in their own universe away from other supers so that metaphor makes more sense has never held water with me. .

I always hated this argument. This argument ignores the fact that FF were hated at first, and they needed a huge PR machine to make them accepted, and even then, they were in court numerous times. It also ignores the times, where Avengers were hated, especially when they had mutant members on their squad (when Wanda and Vision were engaged, they had their home burned). It also ignores the fact that Hulk was hunted for 200+ issues of his series, and still kinda is. It ignores the fact that Spider-Man is a menace, and sometimes he is called mutant. However, JJJ is ironically pro-mutant, which is probably why this angle wasn't explored in 616 universe. You have Ghost Rider, who makes people shit themselves. You have Punisher, who is cheered, but also hated for being a psycho. You have Venom, you have Namor, who saved the Earth as many times as he condemned it.

I mean, in the famous JLA / Avengers crossover it was explicitly spelled out. That Marvel universe HATES its heroes, while DC universe LOVES its heroes, and builds monuments for them*. It's not only mutants who are hated, but X-Men being hated is something of a core character trait, pushed to the extreme, because you have also ordinary citizens, who are mutants, and who are neither villains, nor heroes (I even covered it in one of my educational threads, tsk tsk, it's like you are not reading my works)

*In the very first time where Jericho joins Teen Titans, Robin is like "welp, we have aliums, cyborgs, psychics, a mutant isn't really that different / weird". Also, Killer Croc is a mutant, but never once he was called a "mutie", neither by citizens, nor anyone else for that matter. And he was never persecuted for being different, but he was persecuted for being a criminal.

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