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 May 30th Update! [2014], Urgent! Please Read!
Nikolai Jakov
 Posted: May 8 2014, 02:32 PM

Posts: 15

Creating a New Forum

Comic Book Révolution, a bold, new fan-made forum for comic fans everywhere! Marvel? DC? Image? Top Cow? IDW?  No problem! Come join in discussing yesterday and today’s comics with fans of all types ranging from movie to television to traditional comic books, everyone is welcome!

Creators are welcome here. We’ve enjoyed the new age of convergence culture (a term coined by media specialist, Henry Jenkins at USC), where online feedback becomes part of creative works. We also appreciate getting an inside look at the process and having our response to the work acknowledged.

We don’t know whether or not this venue will succeed, but let’s give it a try.

With that said, our numbers have been growing quickly and we have gained 50+ registered members in the matter of only a few days being open. CBRév would like to make some revisions to the board to ensure that every voice in the community is being heard.
  • Due to multiple sources of feedback on the aesthetic and appearance of the board, N. Jakov has been working hard to create a more lively presence that won't put our members to sleep. As you may have noticed already, there is already a different site background and a more colorful banner. Although these are just "in the works" and may be prone to change anytime during the upcoming days. As has been repeated many times now, if you have any further suggestions, comments, or questions, please make your voice heard here or send a personal message to yours truly here.
  • We have a new staff! N. Jakov is still your head administrator, but we now welcome Fringe_Division and Takeru-Kun to complete a trio. Along with them, our six official moderators are: Macmanus, Father_Jerusalem, Teddicus, Filthy Mutie, and darknessatnoon. With great power comes great responsibility and even greater parties. We feel that each of us contributes something new to the team and holds values that would ultimately bring the community here closer together. If you have any questions about these choices and changes, please send a message to one of the three administrators: N. Jakov, Takeru-Kun, and macmanus. Also, please give your thanks and respects to the lovely LeonardEugenius, who was a founding member of CBRév, but has humbly stepped down from the staff team.
Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy your stay!

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