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 Jane The Virgin
Ted, Tedd, and Teddy
 Posted: Dec 18 2017, 01:23 PM

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Season 3 final thoughts.

It could, and should, have been shorter. These 20+ episodes are not working in JTV's favor. There are a lot of filler episodes which means a lot of filler drama which means the audience will tire out quicker. Also, there was a lot of love triangles and squares this season and most of them were throwaway romances. They really need to calm down with that.

I loved Michael so much more this season and the latter half of season 2. He was finally what he should have always been. Kind, respectable, loving, friendly, not emotionally manipulating Jane into thinking he's the only one who's right for her. Michael was finally great but the show did him dirty by not giving him a proper follow-up episode to his "big" one in season 3A.

Rafael was eh to me at times but he's really improved a lot and his future just looks brighter. However, I maintain that JTV needs to commit to him being in therapy and having those sessions shown on screen. Making him "zen" Rafael in 3B was a cop-out and considering the Finale and season 4A, he needs to be in therapy now to help develop his character more and add depth. There's no resolution to his family drama and he's so obviously cut up about it and handles it in a poor manner but we never really see him get better unless Jane or Petra intervenes.

Which brings me to my next point. The main two love interest & lead/supporting characters on the show barely get any real character development outside of Jane's influence. It's a problem and it shouldn't be. If you're devoted to having these characters in your show long-term and you want them to vie and be viable for your main character's affection, then you need to develop those two characters in a way that the audience will accept and continue to root for. Michael only got better as a character because the writers moved him back towards Jane and had all his good character traits be directed to or about her. It would have been better if this was the Michael the audience saw all along. Not just when he and Jane got back together. I know it's HER show but that doesn't excuse leaving everyone else around her to get scraps and semi-development when she's not there.

As for the other characters go, I liked Petra's journey of motherhood and how afraid she is of it. of not being good enough. Because it's a real concern and fear for many new parents and the way she gradually became more comfortable with her twins and the idea of motherhood was great to see unfold. By 3B, she was a total mom on every level and it was great to see her at peace with that. Her other family is a mess tho and Anezka's scheming gave Petra PTSD that she's still struggling with at times post-time skip. I really felt for Petra this season with what she had to go through with her "bad" family but she was able to gain a new and loving family with her twins, Rafael, Mateo, and Jane. I loved it and I hope that bond between them all keeps up.

Alba had a sweet and hilarious subplot this season, so she remains great as always. I also liked the stuff with her family back in Venezuela. Xo and Rogelio, I always find it hard to care about their relationship together but I love both characters a lot. Rogelio's plot with Justina Machado was hilarious and she was great as Darci and totally hot.

I love Luisa but I also hate her a lot. I'm genuinely mad at her rn and I hope Rafael just gives up on her completely so we don't have to see her anymore.

Finally, Jane's story this season had a lot of ups and downs, to say the least. I was so proud of her journey in becoming a writer. But I have to admit I dislike that she wrote the story of her romance to Michael as a time-period piece romance novel. I get that romance is her genre but still, it would have made a great biography like Michael Ausiello's book. But in any case, I'm glad that she finally got to write her debut novel and I kinda love her ridiculous editor. The stuff with Michael was great all the way through and it's annoying Gina Rodriguez wasn't nominated for any GG or whatnot for it. She played everything so beautifully from episode 1 to episode 20. The parenting stuff with Mateo & Rafael in 3B was so damn cute and the kid who plays Mateo was really good and likable but I would have loved to see Mateo and his sisters together more. They're all so cute together.

All in all, JTV season 3 was probably one of their best material wise but it wasn't always consistent and 3B was a hit & a miss for a while. It just felt like filler to get us to the finale and season 4. I think the show would benefit greatly from a smaller episode order and tighter storytelling. Not to mention having a more balanced approach to building and developing characters outside of Jane, her parents, and Alba.

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