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 What do Batman Villains Listen To?
 Posted: Nov 17 2016, 01:06 PM

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I came across a comic that established that Batman hates rock music, and in particular Punk Rock. He said it was like the ravings of a caged beast or something to that effect.

When you think about Bruce Wayne's upbringing and Batman's staunch position on order, justice, and rigid self control it actually makes a lot of sense.

It's bizarre that any writer would even write a comic about Batman hating Punk rock, but whatever, it's canon now.

So...this thread is for us to assign musical genres to Batman villains.

I'll start.

The Joker---> Baby Metal (because the Joker would listen to something this random and it feeds into his lolita complex)

Professor Pyg--->Spice Girls (Grant Morrison loves the Spice Girls and he created Professor Pyg. PP also owns a pink iPod and pink iPod dock)

Killer Croc---> Credence Clear Water Revival (I couldn't resist)

Have fun!
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