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 Politics and Current Events, Discussion of Global Events and Politics
 Posted: Jul 15 2017, 10:29 AM

Another "x" in statistix
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QUOTE (Supernature @ Jul 14 2017, 09:48 PM)
What's sad is that a large part of the modern left equates Western values/civilization with white supremacy tbh.

Thank you for understanding. I try to be a centrist. I want to listen to both sides of the argument, and more importantly, I want to hear the fears of both sides, without prejudice. If I could sum it up, right wingers see conspiracy everywhere, while left wingers are scared of concentration camps.

But you know, don't bother with the labels. I believe that we should just follow what we think is right. Many times I stood up against certain things I considered dangerous, and I won't lie, I've got beaten up for that. But these were good times.

I'm not an idiot, who thinks that Trump will magically make everything fine and dandy. I see his flaws, and I'm not happy about it. But he is a president, and we can either whine, or use it as an opportunity to fix a lot of our problems. Finally, there is a president, who isn't a media darling. Think about it, every mistake he does, you will know immediately. It's a win-win situation, because he has to be careful, and do a good job, and at the same time, you are free from the "feel-good" media propaganda.

I hate the fact, that so many of my compatriots are living in UK, I would prefer if they came back to my country and lived here. I don't think it's normal that people younger than me are fleeing my country, because they don't have future here, and they believe that in UK or France, they can have a good life. I would prefer if they had good life here. I'm not happy about the fact that our wages are low, and I don't believe in social welfare, I would prefer if people could have a just start thier own business, without Germany trying to sabotage it.

In that regard, I could have easily start a litany about something, but I'd rather not talk about it, because I don't want to bore you, and frankly, it would be a little too nuanced to discuss. All these tiny little chauvinism from EU, when there are countries that are more equal than others. And the response, "we have money, shut up, or put up". It's really humiliating and it hurts.

I was very butthurt when an american president, at the last minute, and out of nowhere, resigned from the anti-rocket shield / missile defence in Poland. Out of respect, I will not name that president. Obviously, Trump didn't change it, but it hurts that we were treated like a garbage then, and as a whipping boy, who is supposed to die in US missions, but who is not allowed to gain anything from that. It's not something that people easily forget.

In regard to terrorism, I think that both USA and Russia messed up Syria. The refugee problem is their fault. But if there is a ceasefire, I am happy, because maybe, just maybe they can think "okay, enough of our shenanigans, there's no business here, let's fix it". Pre-conflict Syria wasn't different from any european country. Post-conflict, it's a mess. Why people think that taking these poor people, and using them as toilet cleaners, construction workers, underpaid cashiers, doing the worst kind of job is a good idea to help them? It's exploitation, simple as that. Isn't it also a new form of colonization? Or worse, disenfranchising them, and forcing them to live on social welfare. I mean, imagine that you can't have a job, and you have to life on social welfare. Fucking scary.

I would prefer if these people had a country, history and tradition, and could proudly say "I am from Syria, let me tell you about my country, why don't you visit me?". This is especially important for me, because I believe that if we want to cherish diversity, we have to give some space for people to breathe the way they want to. If we cannot respect that, it means that we went too far somewhere along the road, especially if we have a feel to be condescending, and preachy about it, all the time, in case someone committed a thought-crime.

I am sad, but also baffled, and I said it multiple times, why Muslims are not taking any actions against terrorists and radical Muslims? They can see that things are getting worse, they innocent majority takes the heat, and they do nothing? I mean, if there was a terrorist polish squad blowing themselves (no pun intended), or bombing monuments, I would be the first person to fight them, because these people would give me a bad name, and I don't want it. I would never wanted to be associated with some nutjob terrorists. And yet, all I see, is apathy. Everything is fine, another suicide bombing, nothing happens, it's business as usual, let's just go back to work and don't blink.

Also, I'm not a believer, but I understand, why there is a need for a religion. We live in a consumerist times, when we don't care about family, friends, community, society, but we are selfish, and we want iphones, money, jacuzzi, and jetpack. Let's face it, we just don't respect ourselves. In many ways, religion can provide a certain stability, and guidance during spiritual and ethical crisis. I mean, I could name some famous atheists, but I would break Godwin's law. Same, if I wanted to name a certain famous vegetarian, anti-alcohol, anti-cigarette, pro-abortion, pro-feminist (!), pro-animal rights fighter. That doesn't mean that I am against animal rights, but that just because you have righteous beliefs, and you "care" for orphans, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are a good person.

I would never ever attempt to brainwash anyone into being an atheist. And I think that any belief that makes someone a better person, is positive. For me, it's Death Metal, hah, I'll never betray that, because this is who I am. Your personal beliefs are just that - personal beliefs, and it's not my business. Obviously, and let's say it loud, it took a while for christianity to civilize itself, and when christianity finally became very chill, to the point that you can bash that religion, without being blacklisted, we just get a new ole religion that wants to bring us back to medieval times, but somehow, nobody finds it problematic, and a lot of so-called progressives, are embracing it, because fuck you jesus christ. And this time, instead of inquisition, burning at stakes, we will get, stoning, decapitation, and higher taxes.

In regards to illegal immigration in USA. Now this takes the crown. USA wants Mexicans for cheap labor, but is too proud to admit it, and Mexicans want USA for money and to provide for their families, but they can't please each other, because of red tape. Why not eliminating the red tape? Why not giving Mexicans a special status, and better treatment? That way, US would gain LEGAL workforce, that would improve economy, Mexicans would feel appreciated and maybe, just maybe commit less crimes, because why selling drugs or guns, when people want to LEGALLY employ you in a risk-free job that also pays better? Also, it would improve Mexico, because US fucked Mexico with NAFTA. And if Mexico improved, South America would follow. But there is red tape. The red tape is necessary, because politicians can say "look, my beloved minority, vote for me, and I will protect you. I will not make your life easier, quite the contrary, but give me power, and I will think about you". And no, the wall is an idiotic idea, and one of the things I seriously disagree with Mr. T., albeit it's a good idea for economy, because you have to employ people to build the wall, and later, to protect this wall, so unemployment will decrease, albeit it will be paid from taxes.

And yes, there is a lot of chauvinism, racism and inequality in this world, but if our only response to any attempt at civilized discussion is "fuck off white supremacist / left-wing faggot" (both are grave insults, t b h), then frankly, we are fucking doomed.

I don't post much, but I want to make it clear. I am not a joke, my doubts, fears are real, and so are other people's, who feel the same. Dismissing it only makes people reluctant to talk with each other, and become introvert. So if you find my post problematic, well, prepare for a problematic future.

And frankly kiao, I would prefer if you just called me an idiot. That would hurt less. And I wouldn't produce a wall of text in my butthurt.

Sorry for wall of text, and the worst thing is that I will regret being honest, because I doubt anyone would understand how I feel.

formerly known as Chakal
I am a relic.
 Posted: Jul 15 2017, 11:52 AM

Another "x" in statistix
Posts: 2014

QUOTE (Lycaon pictus @ Jul 14 2017, 11:55 PM)

Also Patrick, isn't Poland on a slip n slide to autocracy? I mean, we are too, but at least we still have independent intelligence agencies and court systems...for now...

No not really, they used to be in power, but they lost it, because they wanted to play fair, and...
it's a long story. Anyway, nobody had problem with them before. It's a problem now, because...

Look, I don't want to bore you, but for 25 years, since the fall of communism, we had former communists, who rebranded themselves as free-market capitalists, and had a free reign. It's not easy to discuss it, because I will have to infodump a lot. The tl;dr version is that we are currently fighting
the last remnants of former system, who are assholes, and are willing to wreck us to the ground, in order to keep their power and priviledges.

Jaruzelski, the guy who brought martial law in Poland
His argument was, that Russians wanted to attack us, even if we had Russian army already in our country, and even if it was during Gorbaczow era (if it was during Breżniew, well at least he would have a point, but to say that Russia, during perestroika and glasnost wanted to attack us, well, it's a stretch to say the least)

Anyway, to this day, it's presented in our medias as something "not-bad", and "not-totalitarian", "not-autocratic".
Well, if hypocrisy could fly, it would be an eagle.

That guy was never punished for anything he did. And what he did was autocracy, but in the name of communism.
This is him in "free-Poland"
In this video, he makes some pop-culture references, he is chill,
he has nothing to be ashamed of. He was obviously not Pol Pot-tier, but he was
certainly a fucking asshole. However, he was treated like a celebrity and the hero in the media.
And what's worse, a lot of people believe that he didn't do nothing wrong, even if he served
communism with frightening zealotry.

Another example
Infamous Lech Wałęsa
The whole world sees him as a hero, who defeated communists.

Oriana Fallaci made an interview with him, and years later, she said
that Wałęsa was a vain ignorant egomaniac. She was right. The reason she kept playing the ball was,
because she was anti-USSR. Years later, she admitted that she regretted supporting him,
because she was going against her instinct. And her instinct rightfully said that he was a phony.

Anyway, Wałęsa turned out to be a communist-collaborator.
It was something that WE ALL KNEW, but didn't have definitive proofs.

Ironically, these proofs surfaced, once a high-rank communist general died,
and his wife wanted to make money, by selling the classified documents to
our "historical museum" of sorts. Here, have an excerpt from wiki:

"On 18 February 2016 the INR in Warsaw announced it had seized a package of original documents that allegedly proved Wałęsa was a paid Communist informant.[75] The documents dated from the period 1970–1976; they were seized from the home of a recently deceased former interior minister, General Czesław Kiszczak.[76] The documents' authenticity was confirmed by an archival expert,[76][77] but the prosecutors demanded a handwriting examination.[78] Eventually, the requested examination concluded that the documents were authentic and, hence, Wałęsa had collaborated with the communist secret police.[5]"

"The dossier consists of two folders; a "personal file" containing 90 pages of documents, including a handwritten commitment to cooperate with the secret police dated 21 December 1970,[79] and signed Lech Wałęsa – Bolek with a pledge he would never admit his collaboration with secret police “not even to family”;[80] the file also contains the confirmations of having received funds.[75][76] and a "work file" contains 279 pages of documents, including numerous reports by Bolek on his co-workers at Gdańsk Shipyard, and notes by secret police officers from meetings with him.[75][76] According to one note, Wałęsa agreed to collaborate out of fear of persecution after the workers’ protest in 1970.[79] The documents also show that at first Bolek eagerly provided information on opinions and actions by his co-workers and took money for the information, but his enthusiasm diminished and the quality of his information decreased until he was deemed no longer valuable and collaboration with him was terminated in 1976.[79]"

In other words, Wałęsa is a phony. And our freedom was phony too.
It was all staged and pragmatically planned by communists. They wanted to change the system, because
they didn't really believe in communism, but they didn't want to lose power.
Not a single communist criminal ever faced any justice ever, and never will.
We, as a society, we just agreed, that we want to move on, and start anew.
We were tired of wars, revolutions, blood, and death. We just wanted to live, and we still want to.
But it's another topic for another thread.

And yes, I am aware that Trump made a gesture towards Wałęsa,
but I don't expect Americans, to know, or understand the intricacies of our complex history.
I am okay with Wałęsa being seen as a hero in the wide world, even
if everyone in Poland knows that he was actually a phony and a scumbag.
We just don't discus it, for us, he is an embarrassment, especially, every time when he speaks publicly.

We built our "democracy" on lies. We have the same problems that Ukraine and Russia has, only we have PR marketing, who instead of calling the criminals "oligarchs", they call them businesmen, who were "lucky". It's a taboo, because we would have to admit, that everything was wrong in our country.

Anyway, anyone who lost power in 1991, regained it later:
Our former President
Former communist, he somehow was allowed to return back to politics, and his party (who were all communists)
To rule the Poland again, and re-gain the power that they previously lost.
Nobody had problem with that, because they were being BFFS with USA, NATO, UE, to the point that we had secret CIA prisons,
where we tortured terrorists.

They switched from serving Moscow, to serve Washington, but they remained being scumbags.

Currently, we have an imperfect government, but for the first time in our history,
we have politicians, who actually keep their promises. When some of our national, important,
companies were having losses, currently, they finally, since the fall of communism, they have profits.
How is that possible? They just stopped stealing. Suddenly, our reality turned out to be a lie.
But we knew that it was a lie, because we don't trust media, and you shouldn't too.
We just didn't have a proper representation in the media.
We still don't. The fact that people genuinely think, that anything wrong is going on in our country, makes me want to weep,
because a lot of the things that are happening right now, they sound perfectly normal when you think about it, like "helping the poor",
"fighting corruption", "making law equal for EVERYONE, including rich elites", "rebuilding army", and so on.
And yet, this is presented as "autocracy". We had a mess, we are cleaning it.
Most of the people who are badmouthing us, they had shady business in the previous system, and are still profiting from it.
It's just that because they have money, they can present themselves as innocent, while they are scumbags.
Don't interfere, don't criticize, and in 5 years max, you will have a normal, as in, reliable ally.
And we finally will become a country, instead of a corrupted shithole joke that we were.

Another hilarious thing: people who were torturing people as official "militia" then, had all the priviledges and pensions, that was like, 3 times higher than average pension. There is no wiki article about it, but we changed it only recently, in 2016. Finally, the oppressor, instead of being jailed, at least got the same money as the person who was oppressed by the oppressor. It's ridiculous, but this is how it is.

We will never had a Nuremberg Trial, we will never have justice, but at least, we can finally separate ourselves from communism, both
economically, and mentally. Hopefully. This is also why I cringe, when I talk with Americans, who come here (to study), and tell me that communism
wasn't wrong, "it's just wasn't properly installed". And they probably say that, because they want to bond with me, and they want to show
that they understand "our struggle", or whatever new trendy ideology is popular now. I just say nothing, and weep in the corner, where
nobody can see me.

Can you blame me, that I am enthusiastic about the changes? All my life, I was being told, that I am nothing, that my value is less than nothing.
Finally, it turns out that I was just being bullied by the system.

And no, you don't have autocracy. And you will never have it, you don't have to worry about it.
USA, for all its faults, have a very healthy democracy.

QUOTE (Lycaon pictus @ Jul 14 2017, 11:55 PM)

Western Civ has always meant white supremacy as long as I've heard it. When they teach it in college the gyst is pretty much 'Europeans invented civilization and spread it to the savages across the globe, and made all great human expressions of art' unless you get a fun counter-cultural professor.

This part particularly bugs me, because this is exactly what Russians taught us in schools, that THEY brought civilization, and that before them, we were uncultured plebs. VERY dangerous, especially when we know that modern civilization was built on slavery, colonization, and exploitation. It's not civilization, but rather, it's what conquerors say to the conquered. "You were monkeys, before we came". It has nothing to do with the skin, or religion, the relation is - winners-losers. Conqueror-conquest. Anyway, it's not exclusive to one group for sure, and it's very disturbing, if it still happens. We all know that civilizations evolved in different part of the globes, it wasn't centered in one point, rather it was a simultaneous growth. Modern Christianity, which was synonymous with Europe, was based on Rome, who plagiarized Greeks, who plagiarized Egyptians, who were probably taught by Aliens smile.gif

Notice one thing, because it bugs me. How come that Mayans and Egyptians had better grasp at technology, math, time, astronomy, than we do, especially that they didn't have technology, and their culture was radically different from what we understand? The only surviving culture from the ancient times is Chinese, but even they went through the "purification times". There is a lot of knowledge that we are rediscovering.

formerly known as Chakal
I am a relic.
 Posted: Jul 29 2017, 01:19 PM

Another "x" in statistix
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Against my better wishes, EU again interfered with our revolution

We will remove the corruptiion, even if it means leaving european union.

Dear Vitamin. Long time ago, we were talking about the flaws of our countries.
We both agreed that our countries were plagued with deep corruption.
This corruption was in our judicial system.

Consider the following: Every time, we want to change our system into an europan one,
like Germany, or Netherlands, these countries scream that we are breaking the democracy.

This is our freedom. But we will change anyway, against their wishes.

It's possible, that we leave european union, but we must change.
And I applaud these changes. We cannot grow with the cancer skin.
What I try to say, it's possible, it's doable. If Poland can remove corruption,
Serbia can also remove the corruption. Don't believe those who say otherwise.
It's very important, because if we can do it, we can reach the stars, and it's reality.

Yes, prepare for POLEXIT
We are sick of being treated like shit. And you have yourselves to blame
We don't need such union.
We had enough of it under USSR

formerly known as Chakal
I am a relic.
 Posted: Jul 29 2017, 03:17 PM

Posts: 9524

Nobody will miss Poland. Also the idea that the Netherlands is in any way similar to the current Polish catholic authoritarian system is ridiculous,
 Posted: Aug 12 2017, 09:08 AM

Another "x" in statistix
Posts: 2014

QUOTE (Kaiolino @ Jul 29 2017, 06:17 PM)
Nobody will miss Poland. Also the idea that the Netherlands is in any way similar to the current Polish catholic authoritarian system is ridiculous,

Netherlands is shit. I don't know why anyone would compare us.
We have conscience, you have... what do you actually have?
I would rather die than be a niderlander for sure

Also, this is a message to any minority willing to listen.
White people hate other white people with passion.
My skin is white, but I was called so many names,
that they wouldn't even dare to call black people that names.
The point is, if white people hate other white people that much,
You can only imagine how much they hate YOU.
Despite the political correctness, people like Hillary Clinton see
you as their pets. Your mission is to give them power, and then, you
can fuck off and die. At best. Trump is an idiot, but at least he is a honest idiot.
It's very possible that he will trigger WWIII, though. Albeit only time will tell.

Anyway, I was angry and posted when I was a hothead
I cooled off, and I realized that we have the upper hand.
Poland will leave EU, but we will leave in 2020.
EU is cancer, and we don't want SUCH union.
Take your money and stuff it. And don't worry, we will give all your money back.

Apparently, everything goes according to the plan.
Read this, because this will be reality
It will take few decades, but yup, it's happening. Right now, when I'm writing it.

"netherlands" hmpfff. Ha. Hahahahahahaha.
Dear minorities. Read books, learn maths.
This is the end of the world as we know it.
And I feel fine with it.

formerly known as Chakal
I am a relic.
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