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 What are your goals in 2016?
Lycaon pictus
 Posted: Mar 15 2017, 08:54 PM

Still Endangered
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QUOTE (Zaddy Zayn @ Feb 1 2017, 10:04 PM)
QUOTE (Lycaon pictus @ Dec 22 2015, 05:14 AM)
Read more books, log them on goodreads

Go out more, do more stuff, be social

Open a Roth IRA

Learn claw hammer technique, and more songs

Visit my godfather

See Hamilton (Hopefully!)

Bird more

"Professional development"

Maybe go to grad school?

Maybe apply to grad school?

Save more money

Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

Go to more protests

Eat more vegetables

Take my dog somewhere to see snow, film it

so, what happened.


What happened? I started strong with the books, then stopped in March and read even less than in 2015. I was more social. Didn't open roth ira. Barely played my banjo. Didn't visit godfather (not my fault tho!) Probably wont see Hamilton for 5+ years. Saw my nemesis bird for the first time since my college ornithology classs. Went to TWS Conference, doctored up my CV, applied to grad school (still waiting on admittance decisions). It has become more vital, since the new regime is anathema to my career, and I need somewhere to hide out for the next several years. Saved more money, got more debt. Didn't volunteer. Didn't start going to more protests until after the election (now I go to one a week). DID start eating more vegetables, eating better in general in fact. Elements conspired against me on the snow front. Took the doggo to the mountains, snow all melted. I did film her on top of a dirty pile of ice.

My 2016 goal should have just been to kill myself tbh. There's a train just across the street from my apartment, and I could have easily thrown myself in front of it. I can't believe that orange clown President.

Someone should make a thread like this for 2107
 Posted: Jul 29 2017, 02:28 AM

Storm's #1 Fan Forever!
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Yes. Somebidy should make one for2017.

I'll make 1

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